Spirigel Complete Hand gel 500ml SKU : 3055090

£5.50 ex. VAT | £6.60 inc. VAT

Spirigel Complete Hand gel 500ml SKU : 3055090

£5.50 ex. VAT | £6.60 inc. VAT

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Spirigel Alcohol Hand Gel and Pump 500ml Bottle.

Spirigel Alcohol Hand Gel is a clear, colourless gel containing 70% w/w Denatured Ethanol.

Already established as the hand disinfectant of choice in many hospitals, Spirigel Alcohol Hand Gel is designed to offer effective hand decontamination wherever it is needed. Because of this, Spirigel has recently been chosen as an approved supplier to the National Purchasing and Supplies Agency contract for alcohol handrub. Studies have proven the efficacy of alcohol at ridding hands of germs and bacteria, and Spirigel has been proven effective in 30 seconds to EN1500 standards. It also contains 1% Glycerol BP as an emollient, which makes it kinder to the skin than some other products.


  • Provides an extra level of protection throughout the hospital, from wards to theatres
  • Contains 7 skin care ingredients for excellent skin compatibility
  • Fully virucidal according to EN14476


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